Ozone Thai

A sleek and inviting ambiance with exceptionally fresh and well-prepared dishes characterizes the popular Ozone Thai restaurant located in the South Beach region of downtown San Francisco. Our chefs understand how classic Thai and Asian cuisine prepared with the abundant selection of seafood, poultry, meat and fresh produce available in the Bay Area can bring exciting results. A full menu selection that incorporates favorite ingredients such as papaya, mango and avocado and features savory and spicy curries, succulent fried rice or noodle dishes and an array of enticing vegetarian combinations are available for lunch or dinner.

A balance of sweet and spicy flavors characterizes the enticing food selections found at Ozone Thai. Fresh fruit such as mango, pineapple and tangerine provide natural enhancement to many of the entrees, and are balanced with citrus, lemongrass, cilantro, mint and herbs. The chefs satisfy the savory taste buds by creating curries and spicy sauces using garlic, ginger, Thai chili, and zesty spices. The blend of flavors follows traditional Thai recipes, and is an ideal accompaniment to seafood, meat and vegetarian entrees.

More About Us!

Choosing a dish from Ozone Thai’s menu is always a fun adventure because of the extensive selection of choices. Diners will find contemporary Asian dishes such as light appetizers and soups as well as satisfying entrees that may feature grilled BBQ meats and chicken, rich curries served with rice, and traditional Thai noodles dishes. The essence of classic Thai cuisine is incorporated with a contemporary twist, and always takes advantage of fresh market-to-table ingredients.

Ozone Thai conveniently resides at the crossroads to many different neighborhoods in downtown San Francisco and right near the Embarcadero center. Quick take-out and delivery is available and catering services can be arranged for local San Francisco patrons and visitors. The well-prepared dishes, variety of spicy and refreshing Thai and Asian flavors and the unique combination of ingredients make this café a popular local haven.